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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Raspbian OS installation for Raspberry Pi (for Linux users)

It has been a while since my last posting.. Today I'd like to share the simple tutorial as mentioned in the title.

Hardware that need to be prepared are:-
1) SD card (> 2 GB)
2) SD card reader (optional, if your machine doesnt come with SD card reader)

Follow the steps below for the Raspbian OS installation:-
1) Download the Raspbian image from this link. Or if you prefer to use command line, use the following command to download the Raspbian image
 # wget

2) After downloading the Raspbian image, use unzip command to unzip the image

3) Place the SD card into Linux machine, and identify the device name mounterd to SD card. Use fdisk -l to show all the connected storage devices. In my case, SD card is under /dev/sdc

4) Now use dd command to copy the Raspbian OS image to SD card. This process may take long time to be completed (around 1 hour). The full of the command is as shown below:-
# dd if=<image file> of=<SD card name> bs=4M

5) Remove the SD card from the Linux machine and plug the SD card to the Raspberry Pi. Now we can start to configure the Raspbian OS. I'll post it on the next entry.. Thanks~

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