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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Raspberry pi ssh enable configuration - first timer

See the previous post for Raspbian OS installation. Enabling/installing ssh at the raspberry pi, will make your raspberry pi can be through ethernet port. Here are the steps to enable the ssh for the first time

1) Hardware prepartion :-
  • Raspberry Pi with Raspbian OS loaded SD card
  • USB keyboard
  • HDMI cable
  • Monitor screen
  • Raspberry pi power supply
2) Connect all the hardware to Raspberry pi.
Raspberry Pi connected with HDMI port

3) Power on Raspberry pi. For the first time configuration, you will get the screen as shown below;-

 4) Just configure the necessary part such as, "Expand filesystem", "Change User Password", "Enable boot to Desktop/scratch" ==> choose "Console text console", "Internasionalistion" ==> choose US keyboard, for "Advanced options" ==> choose "SSH" and enable it.

5) Then reboot.

6) Now we can access Raspberry pi through ssh. Connect Raspberry pi to the home router and it will automatically get an IP address from the home router DHCP server.

7) Make sure our computer connected to the same home router also to remotely access Raspberry pi.

8) Check our home router subnet by using ipconfig command for Windows, ifconfig for Linux, if your ip address is 192.168.0.x, then your subnet is Using nmap, we can discover all the registered IP addresses in the same subnet. The nmap command is nmap -sP My nmap outputs are shown as below:-

9) After we know our Raspberry Pi's IP address, we can get access to the Raspberry pi using ssh. In windows, we can use putty, for Linux user, just use this command ssh pi@<raspberry pi's IP>.

10) After key in the username and password, we now can get access to the raspberry pi. Done

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